Protecting You

Protecting You!

Pre-sale inspections – Often giving you peace of mind for a nominal cost (approximately $500).  A pre-sale building inspection will provide you with an objective assessment of your home’s principal systems and structure.  The inspection lasts about 2 hours and will highlight certain deficiencies or potential problems relative to the foundation, basement, general structure, roof, attic, ventilation, as well as plumbing, electrical and heating systems.
Although not a necessity, it can prepare you for potential issues while selling your home, as well as allow you to declare certain problems ‘up front’ and of course, will be a valuable tool for you and your realtor to establish a proper pricing strategy.  There is nothing more devastating than enduring the difficult process of the sale of your home, negotiating a successful offer to purchase, only to find out later that the buyers want to cancel the transaction due to building related factors.
Selling Your Home ‘Without Legal Warranty as to Quality’ – This protective clause can, in some cases, be inserted into your sale agreement by your realtor in order to protect the family from potential issues ‘down the road’ in regards to hidden or latent defects, although it may affect the eventual sales price slightly.  It can give you and your loved ones peace of mind in future.  Ask your realtor about this particular contract clause.