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Real Estate Planning

A program to provide solutions for lifestyle changes and retirement living

Real Estate Planning helps you identify your motivation for moving and then assists you in making the correct decisions to meet your future needs and lifestyle. The Royal LePage Real Estate Planning program identifies three underlying reasons for moving: A: lifestyle changes B: financial considerations and C: unexpected situations. You may be able to identify with more than one of these three categories.

A: Lifestyle Reasons:

You may be considering a move because your home is not meeting your current or future needs. Some common reasons for this type of move are:

  • Home is too large/small
  • Move closer to/away from the city
  • Travel more
  • Spend time in another country
  • Purchase "dream home"

B: Financial Reasons:

You may be questioning the logic in spending so much money on household expenses. You might be exploring different uses for some of the equity you have tied up in your home. Some common situations people are faced with:

  • Property tax increases
  • Cost of maintaining a home
  • Future repairs
  • Would like more disposable income to travel
  • Need money to finance children's education
  • Need money to supplement retirement income

C: The Unexpected:

Some situations you might find yourself or family member facing:

  • Physical limitations
  • Deteriorating mental capacity
  • Death
  • Family Crisis
  • Job Loss
  • Divorce

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